Episode 113

Lee Camp on the Art of Conversation

Published on: 16th November, 2023

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Check out No Small Endeavor, hosted by Lee C. Camp.

Who knew that a Southern mother would help today's guest hone the gift of gab for the sake of others?

Today you'll hear my conversation with Dr. Lee C. Camp, about the art of conversation. I'm excited to share this, especially with those who talk, listen, teach, preach, or give counsel for a living. How do we connect more meaningfully in our conversations, both on and off the clock?

Lee Camp is the host of the podcast No Small Endeavor, exploring what it means to live a good life, which features best-selling authors, philosophers, scientists, artists, psychologists, theologians and politicians. I highly recommend you check out his podcast. Lee is also an award-winning teacher and professor of theology and ethics at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. 

He and I dig into:

  • What we can learn from late night talk show hosts. 
  • How being funny can both help and hinder deeper connection. 
  • Why practicing prudent vulnerability is a way to help everyone, including yourself, open up to the possibilities of hearing an unexpected truth.

Thanksgiving is coming up. Family gatherings can be a difficult place to keep conversation fresh and listening lively. Hopefully this will help you discover some new possibilities there as well. 

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Now, whether you like to gab or stay quiet, whether you tend toward control freak or deer in the headlights, we're all invited to learn the art of conversation, and to join every conversation the Lord brings our way. We hope you enjoy this one.

Give to support the Living Church Podcast studio!

Check out No Small Endeavor, hosted by Lee C. Camp.

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