Episode 117

Jesus Through Medieval Eyes with Grace Hamman

Published on: 25th January, 2024

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Happy Epiphany!

I love seasons, the changes of seasons. The distinct character of each one.

Different seasons and times bring out different flavors, different inner lives of the land and landscapes. I think humans are similar. Even whole cultures. Different eras show up or play down certain shapes that human life can take, certain imaginative landscapes and possibilities.

But across space and seasons we do have one Lord. That's the crazy revelation of Epiphany. But how does this same Lord show up differently in different times and places? 

Today we'll be talking with Dr. Grace Hamman, author of the new book, Jesus Through Medieval Eyes. Grace is a writer and independent scholar of Middle English contemplative writing and poetry and hosts the literature podcast, Old Books with GraceJesus through Medieval Eyes is a remarkably enjoyable book. 

Jesus jousting. Jesus giving birth. Jesus as judge, lover, mother, or knight were common images for Christ in the middle ages. How might they help us in our time, heal our contemporary views of justice and judgment, love and lovers, gender and sex?

Now brush up on your middle English. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

Read Jesus Through Medieval Eyes.

Learn more about the Living Church and check out some of our favorite podcast episodes.

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