Episode 115

Cozy Clips for Christmas

Published on: 14th December, 2023

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Welcome podcast listeners. Today we've got an episode that will lightly leap from Advent to Christmastide. We'll revisit four conversations we've had over the years: 

  • James K. A. Smith on time and Immanuel
  • Novelist H.C. Cross on boarding schools and world-building
  • Lauren Winner on books and reading
  • Amy Peeler and Wes Hill on Mother Mary

Dr. James K.A. Smith is a public philosopher and editor in chief of IMAGE journal, and author of many well-known books including You Are What You Love and How to Inhabit Time.

Heather Cross is the author of two novels, Wilberforce and Grievous.

The Rev. Dr. Lauren Winner is associate professor of Christian spirituality at Duke Divinity School and the author of many books, including Girl Meets GodA Cheerful and Comfortable Faith, andCharacteristic Damage.

The Rev. Dr. Wesley Hill and Dr. Amy Peeler are both associate professors of New Testament, Amy at Wheaton College and Wes at Western Theological Seminary.

In two weeks, we're taking a break from the podcast (Merry Christmas). In 2024 we're rolling out conversations with Stanley Hauerwas and Ephraim Radner, a book chat with John Behr, an exploration of Jesus Through Medieval Eyes, a look at neurodivergence in the classical classroom, and much more. 

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